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Sexy ass Heather Graham fucks hard

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Being estranged from her folks since the beginning of time, Heather Graham has learned the ropes of life practically all by herself. She basked in the freedom even if she admits that it gets lonely at times when she wonders how it might be like having the old people around to guide her in some way. But, hell, she’s been great on her own alright so she’s all-out enjoying all the things she do without restrictions and this includes not feeling awkward doing dirty shits on cam and having it posted on the web for anyone to see. Anyone, of course, meant even her long-lost parents.

Heather Graham goes wild in rough fuck action

At least she could mess around and they might not even recognize it’s her sucking on this man’s huge dick and having her cunt finger-banged and plowed rough because even if she’s all naked and wild on cam, she’s still dolled up just like a friggin’ life-size sex toy. She has some work done on her figure as well, so the more she’s confident in remaining a stranger to family she’s not even comfortable talking about in the first place. Going under the knife for enhancements all for the sake of wilder sexual pleasure is one of her addictions and she’s fuckin’ good showing her sleazy ways in these fuck action on video!

Dirty Heather Graham fucks her ass with a massive dildo

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Never underestimate Heather Graham’s petite figure as she can handle the biggest object to fuck her holes with without tearing herself in half. She proves this in a leaked masturbation video where she’s gone hardcore stuffing her ass with a massive dildo and cumming hard.

Hardcore anal masturbation on cam

Heather Graham giving hot head

Monday, March 14th, 2016

This naughty blonde The Hangover star doesn’t need to drink up and get drunk before hitting the sheets and going wild with someone. She just go on a break after each shoot and chill with some horny lucky man, go down on them and at times, end up fucking each other up. And of course, just like the rest of the Hollywood celebrities, they are fond of making these naughty sex videos for the public to expose.

Heather Graham giving head

It’s one way to keep the people interested in knowing what’s next they will do. In this hot clip, Heather Graham is so keen on taking that thick hard cock inside her mouth that she can’t hold the excitement any longer that she has to ride it rough like she’s on a friggin’ mountain bike and racing with friends to a finish line. She says this is one sure way for her to distress and it works 100% of the time. This might be the first video that you will be seeing from her, where she’s not following some script and practicing some acting for a film, this is who she is behind the scenes and she’s one hardcore blonde. She will be killing you softly with delight as she makes you horny while pleasuring this dude. You need not fight it and just play while imagining your dick inside her holes.

Let’s Celebrate Heather Graham’s Nudity In “Killing Me Softly”

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Celebrity porn certainly is enjoyable, and seeing Heather Graham naked and doing lots of dirty things is a fantasy come true.  But sometimes, seeing her doing something naughty in mainstream Hollywood films is also a big turn on.  That’s why it’s always good to take a look back at films like “Killing Me Softly”.  The film is a mystery/thriller, but is basically about the intense sexual relationship between the main characters, played by Heather Graham and Joseph Feinnes.  And as you can see from the screen caps, it’s really hot!  Those two really get down and dirty, and the best part is, it’s directed by a very well-respected Chinese cinema auteur.  Guess that just shows every one of us is horny deep down inside!

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